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MATERIALS: Version #1 - 11/64" Flat Reed

Version #2 - #1 Round Reed and 11/64" Flat Reed

Styrofoam Cone 6" long x 3" diameter; 36" of waxed thread


Cut spokes from 11/64" Flat Reed – 6 pcs @ 24" long and 1 pc @ 12" long.

Mark centers on the rough side of reed.

At the center marks, secure the 24" spokes with a T-pin to the pointed end of the cone.

Push the spokes up and against the sides of the cone to form them to the shape of the cone.

Twine 3 rows with waxed thread.

Insert the 11" spoke into the twining between any two spokes.

Taper the beginning end of a long length of 11/64" flat reed for about 10" – 12".

Begin weaving Under2/Over2 in a continuous weave. When you are about 1 " from the top, pull the styrofoam cone out of the basket and continue to weave 1 " more. Cut weaver.

Unweave a few inches and taper down the end of the weaver. Then weave back into basket.

Make a matchstick border with the spoke ends that extend above the top edge of the basket. See diagram below.

For a hanger, use a piece of seagrass or leather. Knot on one end. Run the other end from the outside to the inside, under the rim, and then back through from the inside to the outside, and knot the other end.

Waxed thread used for the twining at the beginning can now be removed if desired.

Diagram drawn loosely for illustration purpose. Pull spokes down tight as you actually weave along. The last spoke will have to be worked in to its place. Use of a straight tip tool may be helpful.